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What is STRATTEC's Featured Locksmith?

Here at STRATTEC we believe a great amount of our success comes from our customers, and what better way to celebrate that success by helping promote our customers who use our products and have provided us that business. Our Featured Locksmith is a program designed to help us learn a little bit more about you, and what you do. 

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Featured Locksmith- January 2024

Hoernel Lock & Key Inc.


Hoernel Lock & Key is a family owned business located in Kenosha, Wisconsin that has been around for 42 years and counting. Starting in 1981 Christopher, owner of Hoernel Lock & Key Inc., has been doing auto, commercial, residential and industrial locks. Christopher says, "The quality of STRATTEC products, and being an OEM supplier on multiple different vehicles, keeps us in the game."


To learn more about Hoernel Lock & Key Inc. visit

Featured Locksmith- June 2023

Max Performance


Max Performance started in 1991 where they began supplying American muscle cars and trucks with locks. They are located in Lansdale Pennsylvania. Paul, an associate at Max Performances says they like purchasing STRATTEC product because of the quality and availablilty. 


To learn more about Max Performance visit

Featured Locksmith- May 2023

The Brass Key Shop


The Brass Key Shop started in Moore, OK in 1976. There are many other mobile locksmiths but they are the only full-time locksmith in Wood County. They use STRATTEC products because they are quality and always work. 


To learn more about the Brass Key Shop visit

Featured Locksmith- March 2023

Duhon Lock & Security


Duhon Lock and Security started in 1969 by Ran Duhon and has been a full service Locskmith in Terrytown Louisiana ever since. Over the years they have been able to double in size and expand their line of products.

"I use STRATTEC because of the quality," says JC, owner of Duhon Lock and Security. "I have tried other brands and have had issues. Quality keys and remotes and their BOLT Lock products are awesome."


Featured Locksmith- July 2022

Armstrong Lock & Security Products


Armstrong Lock & Security Products started in September of 1929 in a small outdoor kiosk that specialized in locksmith services and sharpening scissors and knives. The business is family owned and operated in Orlando Florida, where they have been since 1979. The building used to be a fried chicken restaurant with a drive-thru window, which they still use today to provide their customers with a drive-by drop off/pick up service. "We love working with STRATTEC because their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they have a healthy inventory of the hard to find products our customer's request" says Beau, Chief Executive Officer of Armstrong Lock & Security.


To learn more about Armstrong Lock & Security visit: 

Featured Locksmith- March 2022



LocksmithTXK is located in Texarkana, Texas. For over 30 years, owner Steve Craigen has been repairing, replacing and installing locks and door hardware throughout the 4-state area. Like a lot of locksmiths, Steve lucked into a career he absolutely loves. 

Steve enjoys meeting new people and educating them about their security needs. That's where STRATTEC comes in. Steve says, "STRATTEC has always been our go to for all of our vehicle keys and remotes. With STRATTEC, I know we're providing the highest quality for our customers."

Featured Locksmith- January 2022

Los Alamos Lock and Key


Los Alamos Lock and Key is a third-generation family business and have been serving the communities of Northern New Mexico since 1945. They perform work for commercial, residential and automotive. 

Owner Herman says they use STRATTEC product on a regular basis. He says, "all of our customers rely on the quality craftsmanship STRATTEC products provide." Los Alamos Lock and Key are also a dealer of the STRATTEC BOLT line of locks, and are STRATTEC certified in automotive work. 

To learn more about Los Alamos Lock and Key visit:

Featured Locksmith- December 2021

Eddie's Lock & Key


Eddie's Lock & Key, located in Vernon Texas, was started in October 2013. Owner Eddie worked at a powerplant for over 30 years, and had developed an interest in door and gate locks after working on them at the plant. After a local locksmith went out of business, and with his new-found interest in locks, Eddie decided to open up his own small town locksmith business. As Eddie says,  "Every town needs a locksmith!" 

Eddie now serves a 60 mile radius around Vernon Texas. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them with their locksmith needs. Eddie has used all different types of aftermarket keys and fobs, but he claims that nothing is compared to STRATTEC's quality. "I never have to worry about poor quality or if a key or remote is going to program properly. STRATTEC always works for me." Eddie states.

Featured Locksmith- October 2021


Larson's Locksmith & Security


Larson’s is a family run shop located in Fairbanks Alaska. The business started in 1952 when the family’s grandfather and grandmother added on to their Jewelry store at the time. Rochelle, with the help of parents Milnor and Marion and sister Rhonda, bought the lock shop in 1989 and moved into a 9 1/2’ x 39’ trailer in 1990 until their built a new two-story shop in 2007 with a garage to work on vehicles during the cold months.

Larson’s has been using STRATTEC branded products since the beginning. Rochelle states, “STRATTEC keys and locks have always been dependable due to the quality of the products. We love the classes and the teachers. They’re very knowledgeable and down to earth.”