About Us

Trusted source. Many solutions.

STRATTEC places a high priority on service to our customers - a commitment we support in a variety of ways. Service and replacement locks and keys are provided to the automotive market through our customers' own Service Operations. OEM quality lock and key replacement products are supplied through highly developed, independent distribution channels. The products, product demonstrations and product support given to all these aftermarket channels ensures that consumers can receive OEM quality parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from a qualified source. If you call an automotive locksmith at midnight, chances are he'll bring products and expertise from STRATTEC.

In addition to providing OEM replacement parts, we also offer a new line of STRATTEC XL products, developed and introduced by a dedicated Service and Aftermarket business team. In this way, STRATTEC can offer products that will serve the widest range of vehicles, including keys, that use the latest technologies of electronic access and RKE systems. And unlike our competition, we supply these products with a level of quality that's equivalent to original equipment requirements. The Service and Aftermarket business team supplements STRATTEC's OEM products with the keys and tools vital to the success of an aftermarket distributor or locksmith. Those products are delivered to the market from a packaging and distribution facility that is integral to the Milwaukee operations.